What do you get when a Latina runs a mortgage bank?

Home Ownership

When some people think of mortgage banking, they might have ideas of it being boring, monotonous, or simply unexciting. They may figure it’s nothing but a bunch of numbers, regulations, and loans all day, right? So, how much fun is there? Well, it all depends on which mortgage company you’re talking about and who’s running the show. What may have once been looked upon as a not-so-interesting industry, can turn into a modern-day, family-fun business; that is of course, when a Latina takes the reins.

New American Funding is anything but your ordinary mortgage lender. Sure, the company provides home loans but dare we say that’s only the beginning. It’s a champion for underserved communities, doing its part to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to build wealth and live out the American Dream. Through initiatives like Latino Focus and New American Dream, the mortgage lender educates Latinos and African-Americans who want to become homeowners.

Alongside creating diversity within homeownership, the company’s building a workforce that’s just as diverse as the community it serves. They’re opening doors for women, minorities, and millennials to move ahead. In what has normally been a male-dominated, older profession, New American Funding is changing the landscape by elevating a new generation of leaders, which includes many women to C-level roles.

According to Fortune, it’s one of the best workplaces for diversity in America.

In two years, the mortgage lender more than doubled its reach to include over 130 nationwide branches and it has a constantly expanding team of Loan Officers. This rapid growth led Inc. 5000 to name New American Funding one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Co-Founder and President, Patty Arvielo has used her 35 years in mortgage banking to make it a leader in the industry. She built the company as an originator, with other originators in mind. The goal now? Remain progressive and continue developing tomorrow’s talent today.  

That’s part of the reason she launched the company-wide program, “If you want to grow, we want to know.” It’s designed to give everyone an opportunity to move forward, regardless of where they start. It opens the door for the newest talent to be trained to move up the ranks. What about a glass ceiling? It looks like that was done away with when Arvielo launched a company that eventually turned into the largest Latina-run mortgage banker in the nation.

On the grow, but still family run. Arvielo likes to keep it that way. Growing up in the Hispanic community, where everyone becomes like family, she infused that same family-oriented vibe into New American Funding. It has a solid track record for industry-leading close times, yet makes it a priority for employees to keep a work-life balance. It all goes back to the idea – make work fun!

So, don’t be surprised on a Friday afternoon if you spot a popular food truck in the back parking lot; or catch employees gathered around for a water balloon fight, egg roulette, or a food-eating relay. They work hard but like playing just as hard too. It’s part of the NAF360 culture, just like giving back to the community. That’s why the company started Lending a Helping HandIt’s a way for employees to regularly volunteer; whether it’s hosting a clothes drive for WHW or collecting food for the local pantry, they’re all about being socially conscious and adding value to the community.

So, what do you get then when a Latina runs a mortgage bank? You get a company passionate about changing lives; a business committed to staying on the cutting edge and one that’s empowering future leaders. Doesn't sound like a typical corporate company? That’s because there’s nothing typical about this Latina.